All About Netflix Error Code UI3012 (Causes To Solution)

To fix Netflix Error Code ui3012, users can try different ways. The best option that Netflix suggests is to reload the page and check whether the issue persists or not. 

If VPN is on then also you may face this error, so just turn your VPN off and check again. Netflix has started its campaign where they are banning all the accounts that are trying to access geo-restricted content. 

Trying these fixes can help you fix Netflix Error Code ui3012. This type of error mainly appears on Mac and PC but now it is also appearing on streaming devices such as Mobile phones. 

There might be various reasons for this error and if you are also facing this error on your device then just stay with us in this article where we are providing you with some of the best solutions to fix this error permanently. 

What Is Netflix Error Code UI3012?

Netflix Error code ui3012 is an error that usually arises when there is the interference of poor internet connection while streaming content. Users will see an unexpected error on their screen that will interrupt them from watching the whole content on Netflix.

This error will never let you stream your content and it can be because of poor connection, wrong settings, or a bad cable. 

Why Does Netflix Error Code UI3012?

The Netflix Error code ui3012 appears when there is a poor internet connection. If your Wifi is not giving an appropriate speed of at least 3 Mbps then you may face this error. 

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Apart from that, the users streaming Netflix geo-restricted content with a VPN will also face this type of error.   So, you need to make sure that you are running a good internet connection to fix this error. 

How To Fix Netflix Error Code UI3012?

How To Fix Netflix Error Code UI3012

Troubleshooting the Netflix Error Code ui3012 might be a complicated task because there are many causes of this error. But our expert team finds the best fixes so that you can try to get rid of this issue permanently. Let us explore those fixes. 

# Check Your Network Supports Streaming

At first, users need to check whether their network is supporting the streaming of Netflix. Sometimes, it blocks the streaming and triggers the error.

Here are the steps that you can try to get rid of it. 

  • If you are streaming on a cellular network then the poor network connection can be the culprit. So just switch to the network that gives you a good speed.  
  • If you are using Wi-Fi and this error arises then its ISP might not support the streaming. So, you need to connect to an Internet Service Provider to know about the services that are supported. 
  • Users should ensure that their network doesn’t have limited bandwidth, this is the biggest issue of a public Wi-Fi network. 

# Restart The Network

You might be amazed to know that restarting the network can also solve the Netflix Error issues. As it provides a fresh start to the app and if you don’t know how to do it then just follow the steps we have given below.

  • First of all, users need to turn off their PC. 
  • Now just unplug the modern and leave it for a few minutes. 
  • After waiting for a while, plug in the modem and the router and wait till the light settles.
  • Now just turn your PC on and start the Netflix app on your device and check whether the issue is resolved or not. 

Restarting the devices helps a lot but still, if you don’t find the best solution then just try the below fixes. 

# Turn Off Your VPN

VPN can be the biggest culprit of Netflix errors and disabling it can be the best option. Netflix bans all the accounts that just try to access geo-restricted content and this error code may also arise just because of that. 

  • Users just need to go to the settings of their devices.
  • Then just open the apps section and head to the VPN option.
  • Then just disable it to discontinue the VPN servers and then check whether Netflix is working or not. 

Turning off VPN solves many errors, so just try this method and check whether it helped or not.

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# Disable Browser Extensions

On Firefox

In some instances, browser extensions can also be the reason for Netflix error code ui3102. So the solution will be to disable those extensions.

How To Fix Netflix Error Code UI3012

If you don’t know how to do it then just follow the steps that we have given below. 

  • First, just launch Firefox on your PC. 
  • Now just tap on the three dots option to open the menu bar.
  • Then just tap on the Add-ons option and check which extensions are enabled. 
  • Once you have confirmed, now just toggle the switch off to the add-ons that are creating interference.

On Google Chrome

  • First, open Google Chrome on your PC.
  • Now just type chrome://extensions/ in the URL search field and press the Enter key.
  • You will get all the extensions that are enabled, just toggle them off to proceed further.
  • If there is no toggle option then just remove that extension.

That’s it, by just following the steps, users can disable browser extensions. Now just check whether Netflix is working or not. 

# Get Logged Out Of All The Devices

The Netflix Error Code ui3012 also arises when multiple logins are detected with one account. So the best option will be to get logged out of all the devices and it will work brilliantly.

If you don’t know how to do it then just follow the steps that we have mentioned below.

  • First of all, open Netflix in the web browser or can also open the app directly. 
  • Then just tap on the username to open the drop-down menu and tap on My Account.
  • Now just click on Sign Out of all the devices.
  • It will ask for confirmation, just tap on the Sign Out button again to proceed further.
  • Once you have logged out of all the devices, now just log in again with the right credential you have and you will recognize the error is fixed. 

So these are the best ways to fix Netflix ui3012 error code. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I fix a Netflix error code ui3012?

Ans. To fix the Netflix error code ui3012, users should change their browser and try to access Netflix on a different browser. Another option that you can try is to clear the cache file of Netflix so that it can have a fresh start. 

2. What causes Netflix error code ui3012?

Ans. Netflix Error Code ui3012 can cause due to several reasons, you need to find out why you are facing this error. We will recommend before trying any of the fixes, you should check whether the Netflix server is down or stable.

If other people are also facing this error then you should contact customer support and ask for the best solution. 

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