How To Fix Netflix Error Code NW-3-6

If you are experiencing Netflix Error code nw-3-6 then there is some network issue at your side.

It can be fixed by restarting the device, refreshing the hardware, resetting the router, turning the VPN router off, Connecting the TV directly to the Modem, and many further steps.

What Is Netflix Error Code NW-3-6?

Netflix Error Code NW-3-6 is an error that is mainly caused due to poor connectivity issues at your place. A message will pop up on the screen that will tell you to visit the Netflix help section for further inquiries. 

This network issue can be solved only when the home network is configured correctly. You need to check whether the internet connection is working or not. 

What Is Causing Netflix Error Code NW-3-6

There is no specific cause of this error, there are various factors contributing to this error.  Let us know about some of them.

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The main cause of this error is the configuration issue with the local ISP. The device can also be a culprit that is not getting connected to the streaming device. 

Another popular cause of this error is the poor internet connection. You need to check your local network whether it is properly connected or not. 

How To Fix Netflix Error Code NW-3-6 

Below we have given some solutions to fix Netflix Error so that you can get completely rid of the error. These solutions are easy to try, let us know about some solutions. 

# Restart The Device

The best option that you can try is to restart your device, it will remove all the cache from the device. 

You just need to shut down your device for at least a minute and now open Netflix again and check whether the issue is solved or not. If not, then try the next solution that we have given below. 

# Refresh The Hardware

We keep our device on for a long time and it bloats the battery, which needs power cycling later. So, turning the device off for a short time will provide a refreshing start to your device and will clean up all the previous memory. 

If you are using Wi-Fi then you need to make sure that you have a stable interest connection. You can also try the LAN port if anything is not working for you. 

Trying an Ethernet cable can also be a good option to solve the issue, you need to connect it to check further issues. 

# Reset The Router

Another option that you can try is to reset the router because it may also cause connectivity issues. 

For resetting the router, you need to press the small button on the router for consecutive four times to change the whole configuration to the default settings. 

Well, if you are completely resetting the router then you should know the username and password. If you are not familiar with it, then you should contact the Internet service provider before resetting it. 

# Turn The VPN Off

If you are using a VPN then it might be the biggest culprit of Netflix errors. So, the best option will be to turn the VPN off. 

The VPN will prevent you to run Netflix from seeing your region because it can trigger geofencing based on some restrictions. 

So it is worth trying to keep the VPN turned off, it can prevent issues and Netflix will start working again. 

# Connect The TV Directly To The Modem

If your Netflix issue is not solved or your Internet connection is slow then you should try connecting the TV directly to the Modem. There might be a slow wireless connection that you are facing and a direct connection can solve your problem. 

You just need to use an Ethernet cable to connect to the Modem, it will not only give you the best signal to stream the shows but will solve any issue that you are facing currently. 

# Verify DNS Settings For Gaming Console

The Netflix errors also arise due to configuration issues for a gaming console, which are related to the domain name and IP address. Re-configuration will help to solve this Netflix issue.  

For PlayStation

  • At first, you need to open Settings from the main menu and then choose Network Settings. 
  • Now just choose Network Settings and then tap on Internet Connection Settings. 
  • Then just choose Custom and then tap on Wired Connect or Wi-Fi. 
  • Now you need to keep these settings the same as we have mentioned below. 

IP Address Settings- Automatic

DHCP hostname- Do Not Set

DNS Settings- Automatic

MTU- Automatic

Proxy Server- Do Not Use

For Xbox

  • At first, you need to tap on the Guide button on the controller. 
  • Then you need to open Settings and then choose System Settings. 
  • Now just tap on the Network Settings and then choose the Network option.
  • Then just select Configure Network option. 
  • Now just go to the DNS Settings and keep it Automatic. 
  • Just restart your Xbox and check whether the issue is solved or not. 

# Set IP Address Static For Smart TV

The Netflix Error can also cause because of the poor or unstable connection between the modem and your device. Just try to reset the IP address static to resolve the issue by trying these simple steps. 

  • First of all, just go to Settings, choose Network, and tap on the Network status option. 
  • Now just copy the IP address that you have in the format of your screen. 
  • Just go back to the Network option again and tap on Set Network as Manual. 
  • Just paste the information that you copied earlier. 

So these are the best solutions that you can try if you are facing Netflix Error Code NW-3-6. It will help to get permanently rid of the error. 

How To Reset Netflix On A Smart TV

Netflix Error Code NW-3-6

Ans. To reset Netflix on a Smart TV, you need to open the Netflix app and tap on the menu button on the top left side of the screen. Then you need to open Netflix Settings on your Smart TV by tapping on the More button. 

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The app settings option will be available in front of your screen, you will get the best option there. 

How Do I Fix The Netflix App Error?

Ans. Netflix shows an error because of connectivity issues, so you can fix it by turning the app services off and then enabling it again. You can also rest the network settings to fix the issue or can also restart your Wi-Fi router to fix the issue permanently. 

Why Is Netflix Not Connecting To The Internet?

Ans. Netflix doesn’t connect to the Internet when there is a connectivity issue with the network. If you are not using the updated version of Netflix then also you may face connecting issues under the app.  

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